Driver Card 종류/옵션

Driver card features table

Category Item SP-S1 EZ-24 EZ-24HTB ZP-S1 ConveyLinx Remarks
Network Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP,
Connection Sensor connection  
R12 plug
Motor mode
Senergy - Eco mode    
Senergy - Boost mode  
Via Network
or EasyRoll
Operation Motor Run input  
Reverse input  
Mechanical brake control
NPN/PNP applicability  
Speed control Rotary switch Speed setting
31 stages

31 stages

31 stages

31 stages
Rotary switch
Accel/Decel timer setting
16 stages

16 stages

16 stages
Accel/Decel timer setting
0-10V analog
input Speed control
Braking Dynamic brake  
Free spin    
Servo-lock 1 & 2    
Diagnostics Motor error output  
Error output
NPN/PNP selectability
NPN only PNP only* 2)하단참조
Jam Error          
Zone logic control Singulation mode        
Train mode        
Gap train mode        
Special features Data tracking          
Lock ahead feature         3)하단참조
Zone wake up/lane full
interface Sensor connection

1) 2 stages DIP SW High/Low range x 16 stages rotary switch setting.
    One stage is used for Analog Inpot speed setting

2) NPN is also available with jumber setting. See the user's manual for details.

3) Prevention of over-run

4) Interface to Non-ConveyLinx conveyor